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We hope you will sign up for all of them bc they each are a little different, but you need the parts to make up the whole:
1)BODY MIND LISTENING with KrinetEagle, 2)Eating Light, Cooking Enlightment with KrinetEagle, 3)www.HopingforaGarden.com with KrinetEagle, 4)EaglesCat, 5)KrinetEagle’s Journey’s

Eagle also has his own Personal Channel.  We also have a couple of misc other personal channels as well, which you might find under the channels section of each of the main channel, if you are so inclined, but the ones above were made with specifically you all in mind.  Please subscribe to all of them to get the full affect of all we have to share with you.  Thank you

again here they are with the links:

Krin et Eagle & Grandma’ss Journeys

cooking channel – the fun one – with eagle’s cooking songs! 😉

MEOWW!! channel dedicated to the cat

BodyListeningChannel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOuBJo_Dw0SVGVMxQF0UFkA