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Welcome! We love that you took the time to be here..  It really means a lot to us that you are curious about us and want to know more.  Thank you!

We are Thankful Your Existence has crossed path with our lives.  Really and Truly! I am serious!

We are so glad that you are willing to take this time to learn more about us. We have so so much we want to share with you.  Your connecting to us through all of the links we provide MATTERS a lot to us!  Your connection matters!

Your caring, your patience, your consideration, your acceptance … all of this is extremely important and needed!    Thank you!!!


We really want YOU to want to FEEL DEEPLY CONNECTED TO US, too — and also to feel accepted & celebrated by us, also, just as you are!

We sincerely hope you will choose to be an active participant in connecting to us each month by connecting with us on our YouTube Channels, Twitter or Facebook pages..    Because whether you believe it’s possible or not,  We actually value you!  YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO US!!! Your Participation Matters To Us! YOUR CONTRIBUTION to Our Lives really really MATTERS!

Did you know that YOUR EXISTENCE IN OUR WORLD MAKES actually makes a DIFFERENCE!      How you treat us and others, how you connect with us, it all matters to us.

So,  Why connect to us? Who We Are, And Why We Matter:

We are a homeschooling family desperately trying to be allowed to have the Choice and Freedom to be allowed to continue to Homeschool, work from home and to be able to SOMEHOW figure out how to save our family’s property, so that we may be allowed to convert our family’s property into an edible oasis, hopefully for others to come and visit and feel refreshed, revitalized, and rejuvenated each time, and every time they visit us.

We have a long way to go and we desperately need your help to accomplish in  the way we envision.  You can help in so so so many ways, from donations to just simply signing up on ALL of our links and following along.  The more links you follow along on, the more help you will be providing to us.  Thank you ever ever ever so much.  please.

We also happen to be designers, artists, creators, healers, bodymindlisteners, and bodymind connectors and bodymind gardeners! Make sure you are signed up to ALL of our social media links to learn more.

Our purpose, beyond saving our home and trying to be allowed to have the freedom to work from home and homeschool, is to find a way to do this (with your blessing and your permission and your willingness)  in a way which ALSO HELPS YOU as we share with you the knowledge we come across and with the skill sets we happen to have.

We’d like to be able to do this in such a way that helps you with your own awareness – and hopefully it will help you to learn how to strive to live in symbiotic harmony with both yourself and us, but also with others around you in the world around you — both with your mind, with your body, and even with your very essence of being!

In many ways, WE are here bc we want to try do our part to try to help you and us to help create a better ideal world for both yourself and for ourselves — and maybe even to hopefully figure  out how to even make a  better world for all of us with our ideas & our projects.

Again, why?  ‘Why?!’ : why?

okay this may seem a little out there or different then you can imagine possible.. But the answer is bc in an ideal world, we want you and I  to BOTH OF US to be a part of collaborating and  creating a peaceful harmonious, regenerative symbiotic interconnected haven where we are all able to rejuvenate and live in peaceful symbiotic harmonious interconnection with each other & the world around us.

I know that sentence sounds like a lot.  but think about it: living in harmony with each other and the world around us — I mean seriously,  wouldn’t you want to be a part of something like that, too?  We hope so.

We really do believe, that with your willingness to help us, that with your willingness to just simply connect with us, and with your willingness to be a part of our journey , that some of our goals can actually be done.

We would  also love it if we could do it all by learning an emotional & body awareness at the same time, which we can then use for better communication, conflict transformation, and to have better understanding and functionality in the world around us.

(yes, I know that’s asking for a lot more and we should start simple.. first.  just connect with us on ALL of our links. please, thank you 😀 )

My hope is along the way we will both learn to live in a slightly more symbiotic harmony with the natural environment & the land/space around us – converting our own space and maybe creating others spaces that are not only self sustainable but which also rejuvenate the soul, spirit, and body!

Wouldn’t it be amazing, if with your help, that we could manage to  create such an abundance of energy & resources,  that our space overflows with such abundance that it contributes Back TO the Grid,  rather then taking from the grid, all while rejuvenating you along the way, leaving you feeling peaceful, serene, rejuvenated and empowered ready to teach and transform other places along the way.. as a chemistry chain reaction of inspiration to you and others as we go!

We begin with our own space and with a desire to also inspire you with the chemistry of our own connection to you.

But Please please please, we really and truly NEED your help us to make this all become a reality, with your permission and with your blessing and with your willing participation.  

We need you to be willing to be a part of this!

Please make sure you are connected via our email  list, through our patreon page: www.patreon.com/KeE  and through all of our social media sites.

thank you.

Or if you don’t feel like connecting with us directly but still are proud of us for at least trying to do something good in this world, and would just like to just send a dollar donation, and then you can just send a gift to our personal paypal link here : paypal.me/pools/c/7Zy2QR6pif

Don’t forget , on top of our many fun videos we make of our lives to share with you on youtube (reality tv style) and on top of the art we create for you (check out eagle’s art creations) and on top of the recommendations of information and products we discover and share with you (check out our affiliate stores), we also offer bodymind listening sessions, bodymind connecting sessions, consulting for edible gardening and bodylistening and misc coaching services and we can even do some virtual assistant work for you — which we  offer to you so that you can feel even more supported and connected and even more special and treasured and appreciated and  important to us then you already are!

Some extra special gifts we can offer just for you:
being your very own personal assistant or consultants for
1)body-mind listening sessions, bodymind connections sessions, and bodymind communication consulting
2)edible oasis/garden consulting with a body-mind emphasis,
3)homeschooling consulting with  body-mind gardening emphasis
4) we also can do general design consulting – also creating logos and other misc designs for you as well (Eagle is an amazing logo designer)
5)hand us a camera, and if you know us, you know then how we would also love to take videos and photographs for you as well (speaking of which, if you would like to volunteers to be a part of some of the videos we make for our youtube channels, please let us know)

6)just by being a personal assistant in helping you out in any way that we find doable and within our boundaries and limitations.

Think of us as your very own personal body-mind garden assistants, consultants and design artists.   😀  😀  😀

yum.  thank you for giving us this chance.  It means a lot to us that you will let us be a part of your world and that you are willing to be a part of helping us out in our world as well.

Thank you for your support and encouragement and for your help with helping us to make our dream come true to be allowed to continue to have the freedom to home-school Eagle and to help us to try to save our family’s property

and thank you for your help us to help make the transformation we dream for our home into a reality.

THANK YOU!  thank you!  thank you!  really, I really don’t think i can thank you enough for your compassion, your consideration, your connection  and most importantly any financial donations or bartering you happen to make with us.!

Thank you!

The Nexonivv Universe, and The Meothynian Empire

Originally a dumping ground for EagleP’s ideas, it has now turned into a place of Realistic Futurism.
Its a little Sci-Fi universe he created, and their main inhabitants, the Meothynians.
The Meothynians are basically psychic Cat People.
Psychic because they have developed psyonic abilities, and most have either Telepathy, Telekinesis, Teleportation, and/or other semi-psychic abilities.”

Mainly Eagle wants it to be a Sci-Fi Universe where the Technology, Lore, Science, and more, Realistically makes sense.
A place where the laws of physics (with some leeway) are not overrun with nonsense!

We invite you to check it out  your interested in the idea of Realistic Futurism in a Sci-Fi Universe, or if you have ideas for Tech, Ships, Factions or suggestions on the Lore, and if you just want to hang out and have fun!
Heres the main Deviant Art page, it should have links to more stuff!

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we would like like to like to introduce ourselves. We are both artists, creators, healers, bodymindlisteners, and our business is to help you with awareness of how to live in symbiotic harmony with both yourself and other and the world around you.  In many ways, WE are the product, but so our our ideas and our projects.  Let us describe our mission to you:

our why: to create peaceful harmonious, regenerative symbiotic interconnected places where people are able to rejuvenate and live in peaceful symbiotic harmonious interconnection with each other and the world around them by learning an emphasis on emotional & body awareness to be used for communication, conflict transformation, and how to live in symbiotic harmony with the natural environment and the land and space around themselves creating spaces that are not only self sustainable but which also rejuvenate the soul, spirit, and body and which create such an abundance of energy and resources that the space overflows with such abundance that it contributes back TO the grid rather then taking from the grid, rejuvenating you along the way, leaving you feeling peaceful, serene, rejuvenated and empowered ready to teach and transform the next place you go!

join us to help this “why” to become a reality:  www.patreon.com/KeE

or become a direct member to our community right HERE.

Blogs stuff and other misc info

We have started an assortment of Blogs!

currently the only one that is kept very up to date is Eagle Deviant Art Page, but here are several older blogs we have started and written on: https://growinglittleeagletsmind.blogspot.com/ – Welp the name says it all! https://eaglescat.blogspot.com/ – EaglesCAT Blog https://smama-its-o-tay.blogspot.com/ – Inspirations from Eagle as a Baby https://krinwhitjourn.blogspot.com/ – Krin is a really Silly …


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videos about edible gardening can be found on www.hopingforagarden.com, krineteaglesjourneys” youtube channel & on our “eatinglight,cookingenlightment” cooking channel

Please also Join our Compassionate Communication Group:
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shhhh_mama, ______,It’s gonna be O’tay. Mama, Breathe, MaMa,smile,
A different perspective https://acontroversialmama.blogspot.com
Eagles CAT – meow
Zaninesss, silliness, learning and the energy rollercoaster!
Having Hope

Long term goal: working together with you one dollar at a time to let my son know that even though his dad left, that his opinions and thoughts that are expressed in these projects matter!, to help save this special property as a safe place not only for him, but also for you to come and visit and rest and rejuvenate at the places we create for you.

As time passes, we hope you will help us convert this property into a safe haven for you to come and visit as one of your rewards options.. & to put it all in a trust for visitors like you to always have available to come and visit and learn from it, as it demonstrates edible urban gardening and regenerative living.. once this is done or at same time, together may we start a non-profit company helping others by creating urban food forests both in abandoned lots and where people live so they can always have access to some freshly growing regenerative food orchards in their neighborhoods

Our Creations & Our Company also incorporates harmonious gardening programs with teaching bodymind awareness, communication, compassion communication, body listening, empathy listening, emotional awareness /understanding, and conflict transformation skills combining together to create a symbiotic harmonious haven.

A dollar from you is like a big Hug. Give a big HUG through  https://www.patreon.com/KeE

We will look forward to your connection, YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO US!

Get your very own private consultation/coaching sessions to help you create your own regenerative oasis world filled with empathy and learn conflict transformations with us to create a safe haven of understanding and rejuvenating peacefulness in your life.

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