we would like like to like to introduce ourselves. We are both artists, creators, healers, bodymindlisteners, and our business is to help you with awareness of how to live in symbiotic harmony with both yourself and other and the world around you.  In many ways, WE are the product, but so our our ideas and our projects.  Let us describe our mission to you:

our why: to create peaceful harmonious, regenerative symbiotic interconnected places where people are able to rejuvenate and live in peaceful symbiotic harmonious interconnection with each other and the world around them by learning an emphasis on emotional & body awareness to be used for communication, conflict transformation, and how to live in symbiotic harmony with the natural environment and the land and space around themselves creating spaces that are not only self sustainable but which also rejuvenate the soul, spirit, and body and which create such an abundance of energy and resources that the space overflows with such abundance that it contributes back TO the grid rather then taking from the grid, rejuvenating you along the way, leaving you feeling peaceful, serene, rejuvenated and empowered ready to teach and transform the next place you go!

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