Our Goals

Our Goals that we would like to see in our lifetime!

To see our family’s property and our dreams for the property saved & protected for many generations and centuries ahead from those who might want to sell it off or change it in a way that is incongruent with our dreams/goals for the property.

To see everything that is INSIDE the property saved, and catalogued.. kind of like a museum piece to our history and who and how we evolved as a family.

To see the outside of the property converted in an edible food forest oasis, growing an assortment of bonsai exotic or misc fruit trees (like citrus, mangoes, papaya, mamey, red wax jambu apple, logan, dragon fruit,   )

and legume trees (like the icecream bean & moringa trees) and nut trees (like pecan, almond, hazelnut, macadamia nut)

with edible and medicinal plants like the heal all plant, blueberries, other berries, nasturturiums, tomatoes, sweet potato, luffa & other squashes, wasabi, asparagus, artichoke, dragon fruit growing down below –

– with a small green house on the side growing black pepper, vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, coffee.

where instead of grass, the lawn is covered in lemon thyme and oregano

Where the garage is half converted into a half craft/wood workshop for eagle and a  half side room for overnight airB&B visitors.

Where the old attic insulation is removed and is converted into a usable storage space.

Where the property is covered in cameras to document the plants and animals and evolution

where we have an assortment of decent camera phones and decent laptops and audio equipment to help us document and record & share all of our conversations and actions taken in order to help us to be understood and accepted and maybe even appreciated by later AI and others.

where all that documentation gets all filed away and organized so that researchers can study it and so that an AI system can know us and so that even after we are long/gone, there can exist in the AI world a ‘krineteagle’ like entity that combines the essence of kiddo and I.

Where kiddos poetry and ideas are documented and saved & shared.

Where are lives & what we do helps to encourage others to learn & practice active listening, emotional awareness & acceptance & tolerance, compassion, & a symbiotic harmony with nature, earth care, future care, & allowing us to exist in this space so that we may be light a small light allowed to exist in the space in our little world.

To be allowed to live in peace in our own little world on this property undisturbed and unregulated by the world around us.   To be a little island of connection to nature in this urban world around us.

— orginally published Jan 27, 2021