KrinetEagle’s Wishlist

getting to redo the whole pipe/ceiling infrastructure where all the pipes could be seen from below.

I know most people do not like that look, but I really wish we take out the sheet rock and access the pipes and attic storage space without all that insulation and without that cramped feeling while in the attic.

help with having our dreams come true
we are actually looking for an investor who will do a multigenerational silent investment in this (unless we one day win the lottery or become millionares over night from our youtube channels, ep’s design creations, or gardening projects)
they would need
              — enough money to buy my sister out of her share of mom’s property, with money leftover for putting into a trust and pay taxes until property can pay for itself
      —- enough money to buy my ex out his share of our home,  with money leftover for putting into a trust and pay taxes until property can pay for itself
ensuring that our family always gets to live there for the rest of eternity.
–Taxes paid for two lifetimes (for at least one descendent) — a utility bill for two lifetimes (ours and at least one descendent)
— house insurance for two lifetimes
— those hydrogen batteries for the house that i have heard about
For us personally, this below wishlist would be helpful to help us function with much much much more ease and finally be able to DO what we would like to do at my mom’s home before we can be ready to make it open for others to utilize and benefit from.
 —–  having a van that separates passengers from driver, which would allow a friend to drive us around and keep mom safe from covid and future pandamics since I really should not be driving unless I have cameras surrounding car
Wishlist Items Under $1000
HOA bill for a year
the yoga trapeze aluminum frame
 if you buy one for yourself please use our affiliate link : If you are buying for us, you cannot mail it to us.
if you buy one for yourself please use our affiliate link : If you are buying for us, you cannot mail it to us.
  having our car repaired for the nth time and helping me get car reregistered and getting me a license
money to hire someone to help me make a fancy rocket stove couch in backyard
money to hire someone to help me make a fancy cob pizza oven in front yard

– a tankless water heater.. ok this might cost more than $1000, we actually have no idea… we just know it would be nice to have.  a solar powered water heater would be even better, for when there are power outages.

this just brings us back to having someone who shares our dream fro the property and or who will help us acheive our dream, sigh.

Wishlist Items under $500

a parabolic solar stove
a 3ft chest freezer (NOT a mini fridge.. specifically a CHEST freezer, that opens up from the top)
a box dehydrator (for the future, not now)  right now, we more need a chest freezer..  (the solar chest freezer preferred just in case we have another power outage (Ultra Energy Efficient Solar (Battery) Powered Freezer(BR128RF)
***a special camera phone for Eagle that he SPECIFICALLY has on his own wish list: ****
***any camera phone with a decent camera, decent battery, decent storage***
***any decent laptop that we has some decent ram space, storage, and can be taken outside***
money for video storage space once google starts charging
the kit for making this ebb&flow system:
recording equipment, boom arm for over sitting areas with microphone, such like.
— an easy to maneuver small vacuum cleaner (once upon a time, we owed this really strong and super easy to clean small hand held vacuum cleaner, but we used it for so much..  this was over 30 years ago, and no longer exists in this house.. currently we are using a fairly nice and easy to clean vacuum, but it is broken and so only one part of it works.   so maybe if that one could be repaired or if we could get that strong mini small one.   So many vacuum cleaners are really cheaply made though and really dont work all that well.  so if you decide to get this for us, please please collaborate with us and let us help find the right one for us.
– equipment to help us stream videos and help streaming the videos
Wishlist Items for around about ~ $100 or under
an aerogarden
a flat of lemon thyme to replace section of grass with — been on my wishlist forever, hint hint
a flat of strawberries
a flat of lemon balm
a 5 lb bag of ORGANIC pecans, pistachios ($75)
a utility bill for a month
equipment to build our own aeroponic set up and or hyrdoponic set up of our own design
— a gift card to the container store or some place I can get clear storage bins to help us organize and store books/paperwork in an protected way from broken pipes and the elements
Wishlist items for around about ~$50 or under 

a case of sustainably harvested sardines, kippers, mackerel, etc

coupon to essential organics store so we can get bulk organic dried products
for ex) 5lb organic blueberries without sugar is about $50, same with a 5lb organic nuts like cashews, almonds,
Wishlist Items Under $25 or under 
the Water Meter Valve Key with Grips
garden lopers – i am constantly losing mine and it would be nice to have more than one
any edible starter plant –
 a starter herb, (basil, oregano, mints, lemon balms, FENNELS, )
any starter berry plant (blueberry, blackberry, etc)
an ice cream bean tree
an avocado tree
the heal all plant starter
edible flower plants — pansies,
not a big seed person, BUT a large pack of nasturturium seeds is always welcome
any organic or sustainably grown food without chemicals
  — more specifically organic nuts, bulk organic berries
help with creating these websights and videos
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